How To Make Best Homemade Pizza

How To Make Best Homemade Pizza

Hello Friends In This article We Share About How To Make the Best Homemade Pizza. It’s One Of The Simple Methods To Make Pizza

every city in the country every city in the world probably has a pizza place usually pretty good it’s usually pretty cheap but there’s something about making your own at home that just really drives the point home do you know anyone that doesn’t like pizza.

i don’t want to know that person honestly mickey pizza only takes a few simple ingredients what you’re going to need is a little bit of warm water it’s going to activate a good amount of dried yeast a bit of sugar that’s going to act as food for the yeast salt for flavor flour for the base of the dough extra virgin olive oil

that’s gonna one make your dough a little bit easier to work with it’s also gonna add just a little hint of flavor all right so first things first we have to bloom our yeast so in warm water and by warm I just mean like when you put your finger in it shouldn’t feel like anything it’s not cold or hot you’re gonna give it a stir make sure everything’s well hydrated and then you’re gonna see that your yeast is gonna start to produce a few bubbles and just means that it’s kind of alive.


if you don’t see any change that means that your yeast might be a little on the old side throw that out and start again with some fresh yeast we’re going to add salt to the flour and not to the yeast water mixture salt will slow down the production of yeast so we want to make sure that we’re adding that later on once the yeast is already activated we’re going to add extra virgin olive oil again that’s going to add a little bit of flavor we’re going to throw in the water and sugar mixture it’s easiest in a bowl

because; it won’t like to make a huge mess while you bring the dough together what we’re trying to do is just hydrate as much as flour as we can once we’re happy that we’re not going to have like water or flour all over the place we can toss it onto our board and start kneading it so kneading is one of those things like people tend to not do enough set a timer and do it for 10 minutes you want to be able to look at it and it’s like so pokey and smooth and fun and what you’re trying to do is just roll the dough on top of itself and then push forward you’re not trying to tear the dough you’re really just trying to like rotate and make sure that you’re getting like all parts of the dough incorporated at the end of it we want like a really nice pretty top

you’ll know when you’re done kneading the dough when you press the dough and it springs back right away so now what we want to do is get like the really gorgeous top part of the dough you can just pull the sides of the dough from the outside in so that it makes a nice ball on the other side once you turn it over push your pinkies in and kind of rotate the dough and do like a really beautiful round ball all right cool



so ready to rise and we’re gonna go into a big bowl uh put a little bit of oil in there so that the dough doesn’t stick and then you’re gonna cover the dough itself and oil as well this is gonna rise significantly we don’t want to stick to the cling film so I like to cover with clean so that it’s much easier to get off like I’ve done a lot of doughs where you cover with a towel and then it gets stuck to the towel so I prefer cling so you can let this rise for an hour if you don’t have a ton of time even better would be to let this rise overnight

so the one on the left is one that’s been risen for 24 hours and the one on the right has been rising for an hour it’s still going to be a great flavor it’s still going to be a great texture so the longer you let this process go just like the more flavor and the more complexity is gonna be in your dough and what we’re gonna do now is just bring this dough back to life so a lot of work has happened with all this yeast and it’s been a little bit uneven in the way that it’s grown and that’s just like a totally normal process

so we’re gonna turn it out and we’re gonna knead it again for another minute or two nothing different about this process again we’re just evening out the bubbles that are inside the dough we’re gonna do that shaping thing again so use your pinkies if you will to kind of push make into a cute ball and if you’re using strawbot pizza dough you want to do this as well so knead it for a minute or two and leave it out at room temperature while you’re doing all of your other pizza prep and then we’re gonna cut it


so as you can see now that we’ve cut into this you can look at that cool pro I just love that it’s so cool okay sorry back to the back to what we’re talking about so you can see just how much gluten development just how much fermentation and you know growth and all the yeastiness sciencey stuff is going on uh how alive our dough is like that’s an awesome process to see so we’re gonna this is a huge amount of dough it should make about four good-sized pizzas you can give one to each person at your party each person in your family you can shape them you can freeze half of them or freeze three of them

so you have some for later it’s really up to you add a little bit more flour cover it with a towel and let it rise for one more hour one thing that you want to recreate from a pizzeria in your own home kitchen is getting your oven as hot as it possibly can one thing that’s going to help that is having something in the oven already preheating that’s going to give you really good bottom heat so you could do a baking sheet turned upside down you could do a cast iron which is really great at holding heat and the third option if you are going to be making like a lot of bread or pizzas at home is to get a pizza stone and that really holds a lot of heat as well and it’s like a nice open surface

so let’s talk sauce there’s a lot of different options out there and people like never really know which ones to get so there’s a puree and that’s going to be like the finest of all the tomatoes then there’s going to be crushed that might have a little bit of chunk left in it diced is gonna be diced so it’s just cut up already it’s in its sauce it’s in its water and then there are whole tomatoes and so those are the most intact and those are the ones that I recommend you can crush them with your hands or as we’re gonna do here

we’re just gonna use an immersion blender little safety PSA if you have any leftover sauce do not store it in the tin can store in a separate container and make sure to throw the can away now let’s talk cheese the thing about pre-shredded cheese is it has some product on it that prevents it from clumping in the bag it just kind of doesn’t allow things to melt as easily if you shred the cheese yourself it’s going to be much softer

it’s going to be a better flavor in the end so if you have the option we do recommend that you shred the cheese yourself one thing about using fresh mozzarella is that you can leave the chunks as big as you want so if you’re super cheesy you can have huge chunks on your pizza so now that our dough is rested it’s ready to be shaped there’s a lot of different ways you can get your dough out to a good shape what I like to do is kind of do my like a finger poke if you will all over the dough one




because it’s so fun but also if you can see these kinds of bubbles that are developing I’m allowing those to stay in the dough and those are going to help give you those awesome pizza bubbles you can stretch the dough with your hands just kind of being really careful you can use your fingers and kind of spread it if you will do a combo of things I used to work at a pizza place and the guy would actually put the dough like on the side of the table and kind of stretch it that way and he would let gravity work its magic and kind of let the dough stretch out itself it was kind of fun I thought

it was like a cool technique he was able to do it much quicker and smoother than I’m able to do and then the classic way that everyone wants to know how to learn is the like tossing of the dough technique so you kind of want to create a spinning motion with your knuckles as you’re throwing it in the air so on your knuckles rotate and toss catch so now it’s time to assemble our pizza so we’re going to use a turned over baking sheet so this is going to act as our peel and appeal is that cool plank that they have at a pizzeria that helps get the pizzas in and out of the oven and we’re going to use a little bit of semolina if you don’t have that you can use flour but we just need something that the pizza won’t stick to the bottom



but; also so that it helps us like moving the pizza really quickly off our quote unquote peel and onto the preheated baking sheet and then we’re going to just reshape our pizza ever so slightly re-stretch it out just a little bit so when you’re adding like sauce and stuff to your dough just try and work quickly here so like don’t panic or anything but if you are too slow it’s going to be much harder to get the pizza off the peel and into the oven so we’re going to use just a ball of mozzarella and I like to tear it up pretty small so that we can get like a really good even amount of cheese throughout the whole thing so you want to take it off when the cheese is a nice dark deep brown and the crust is like a golden brown as well and then we like to do a little bit of fresh basil on top again I’m kind of a perfect biter so I like everything to be like a good bite size I don’t want to like biting into a huge piece of basil and then like have it hang out of your mouth you know

I mean like yum so that’s like a classic margarita look at the crunch yes all right cool and now you eat really easy and a little like pizza Bianca if you will or like a white pizza or a pizza without a sauce and that’s just going to be a little bit of olive oil again more cheese of your choice.

we’re using mozzarella we put a bit of dried oregano on top of this as well and this is going to go into the oven as is yeah this is like a super easy one at the end of the cooking process we actually added some fresh ricotta uh which is like a really nice fresh cool bite this is a great summertime option I feel like um and then even on top of that a little bit of fresh pesto that we had so this is like a really gorgeous light fresh pizza it looks like luxurious right.

there’s something about it it’s just very like I don’t know it’s like kid-friendly but it’s also like bougie friendly and then obviously the other fan favorite is a good classic pepperoni so with that it’s just cheese sauce spicy pepperoni you can grate some fresh parmesan on top at the end of it none of that weird stuff in the canister you gotta freshly grate it so much better, yeah and the cool thing about pizza is whatever you want my favorite toppings seriously


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